Best Score Competition for the Red Queen 3-D running game (produced by Red Queen Inc.)! ~ Nana Yamada, Ayaka Umeda, and other voice actors and performers are joining the competition~

Red Queen Inc. (Head office in Minato Ward, Tokyo; Masato Yoshinaga as Representative Director & President, hereinafter “Red Queen Inc.”) announced that it will host its first Best Score Competition (the “Competition”) in its Red Queen smartphone game, starting today (Nov. 24, 2016). It will welcome Nana Yamada and Riho Miaki, former members of NMB 48; Ayaka Umeda, a former member of AKB 48; Mika Kasahara, an entertainer; Mark Ishii, a voice actor; and Atsuko Enomoto, a voice actress.

Red Queen is a new sensation 3-D running game with an original story that takes place 200 years after Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass.

The Competition lasts from today through Dec. 1 (Thu), 2016, and participants pursue a special quest, competing with each other for the highest score, to win the game. High-ranking players will be noted on the special page of the game site, together with the characters, costumes, or friends they used. All players, without exception, will be awarded with appropriate items as long as their best score meets the level required by the Competition. So please join the competition!

Movies of these celebrities playing the games are available on our site, for your viewing enjoyment. We hope this competition will offer Red Queen gamers some extra fun, as well as an opportunity to learn more about Red Queen, to enhance their skills and enjoyment.

[Information on the 1st Best Score Competition]

Players compete with each other to achieve the highest score, in order to win this special quest game. Enjoy playing for a high-ranking position or to win items as awards.


Nov. 24 (Thu) – Dec. 1 (Thu), 2016

[Required scores and award items*]

  • Your best score:10,000 or more ▶ 100,000 Magical Power
  • Your best score:20,000 or more ▶ 200,000 Magical Power
  • Your best score:30,000 or more ▶ 300,000 Magical Power
  • Your best score:40,000 or more ▶ 400,000 Magical Power
  • Your best score:50,000 or more ▶ 500,000 Magical Power
  • ※Award items will be distributed based on post-event calculations.

[Basic information on the ‘Red Queen’]

[Company Profile]

  • Name:Red Queen Inc.
  • Head office:7F DF Bldg., 2-2-8 Minami-Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
  • Representative Director & President:Masato Yoshinaga
  • Capital:24,250,000 yen
  • Established:Jan. 6, 2015
  • URL:

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