Red Queen, a new sensation 3-D running game produced by Red Queen Inc., is going to be introduced on the TV show, Tell Me Mr. App. The program’s regular members, Maple Chogokin (a comedy duo) and Mari Yaguchi, will appear in the game.

Red Queen Inc. (Head office in Minato Ward, Tokyo; Masato Yoshinaga as Representative Director & President, hereinafter “Red Queen Inc.”) has announced that it will launch a collaborative project (the “Collaboration”) between Red Queen and the smartphone apps information program, Tell Me Mr. App (TOKYO MX TV). And today (Sept. 13 (Tue), 2016) an elementary-level quest game was released.

Red Queen is a new sensation 3-D running game with an original story that takes place 200 years after Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass.

In the Collaboration, you can enjoy seeing regular members in the show: Kazu Lazer and Natsu Ando of Maple Chogokin, and Mari Yaguchi, appear in the game.

Elementary, intermediate, and advanced level quests are to be released weekly, one level per week. Today, an elementary level quest has been released, in which you chase an escaped Kazu Laser and capture him.

During the Collaboration, you can hear special voices while playing the quest; and on completing the quest, you will receive special costumes available only during the Collaboration period. We are sure you will enjoy these prizes.

Also, on Sept. 20 (Tue) 8:00 pm, the members of Tell Me Mr. App will actually play the Red Queen game. Enjoy watching them play on the TV show.

[Information on the Collaboration]

We provide unique quests created for the Collaboration, where the regular members of Tell Me Mr. App—Maple Chogokin and Mari Yaguchi—appear in the Red Queen world. Also, new characters, voices, and costumes were introduced in the quest. Don’t miss this limited run of the Collaboration.

  • Elementary level:Kazu escaped! Catch him!:Sept. 13 (Tue) – Oct. 4 (Tue), 2016
  • Intermediate level:Nacchan multiplies!:Sept. 20 (Tue) – Oct. 4 (Tue), 2016
  • Advanced level:Hot Rod Girls descending!:Sept. 27 (Tue) – Oct. 4 (Tue), 2016

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[Company Profile]

  • Name:Red Queen Inc.
  • Head office:7F DF Bldg., 2-2-8 Minami-Aoyama, Minato Ward, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
  • Representative Director & President:Masato Yoshinaga
  • Capital:24,250,000 yen
  • Established:Jan. 6, 2015
  • URL:

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