Red Queen is an “IP platformer” that maximizes the appeal of IP with content and technology. Since its founding, we have built relationships of trust with various industries such as games, entertainment, publishing, education, and finance, and have cultivated the ability to innovate IP businesses. We aim to be an “IP platformer” that continues to give joy and excitement to people all over the world by producing new added value in addition to the original value of IP so that the appeal of various IPs can be enjoyed by many people.
IP stands for intellectual property, and at Red Queen, we have increased the added value centered on various idols, anime characters, and prominent people involved in education and sports. In the future, virtual idols such as Vtubers. We also provide added value for famous overseas content.

Red Queen will collect IPs in these various fields and spread new values all over the world.

Game App Projects

Armed with the innovative content development capabilities that Red Queen has cultivated over the past, it has continued to gain fans such as popular idol groups and anime characters, and has achieved business growth along with the ever-expanding game market. We will aim for higher growth in the game market, which has been developing various contents since its establishment.

Education Projects

Under the social mission of “correcting educational disparities” and “equal educational opportunities,” we have released the service of “Tadayobi” for high school students who cannot afford high tuition fees as well as high school students living in rural areas who cannot attend preparatory schools for university entrance exams. It started as an online preparatory school for university entrance exams, and will continue to develop video distribution services in various fields such as high school entrance exams, junior high school entrance exams, early childhood education, qualification exams, and Japanese language education.

At “Tadayobi”, you can take high-quality lessons from famous prep school instructors anytime, anywhere, anyone, for free. “Tadayobi Basic” and classes such as application / development, university-specific measures and common test measures are accessible through the “all subjects” subscription. We are developing “Tadayobi Premium”, which will allow users to study “all subjects” at a fixed price; a brand new business model in the prep school industry.




Vtuber Projects

We will provide added value in the Vtuber market, where YouTube views are exploding since 2017. We will provide various added value in the idol market, which has expanded more than five times in 10 years. Based on the solid foundation in the entertainment industry, we will hold video distribution and online live events to increase the added value of IP such as anime characters and idols, acquire fans from various angles, and expand our business.

Furthermore, we are proceeding with the development of new IP content, not only the game content that has supported the growth so far, but also the virtual business such as Vtubers, the utilization of digital content and customer data, and further business growth.

International Projects

By establishing a monetization model that utilizes IP, we promise to build a mechanism for gathering IP in various fields regardless of genre and media, and to bring joy and excitement to your daily life.